Friday, 27 January 2017

Challenge number 20– Watch 40 Tom Hanks films.

It seems to be becoming a very nice habit that the occasional evening that we are all home together, to draw the curtains, delve into the box and find a Tom Hanks film to snuggle down together to watch.  I was really pleased when this weekend's choice was The Da Vinci Code as it is a film I have always fancied watching but never quite got around to seeing. 

I am no film critic but I was really disappointed by this film, it felt all the way through like a book that couldn’t be condensed and I had guessed most of the plot before the ending.  It was fun spotting the places that we had been to but I was never really drawn into the film – maybe because I was expecting so much more.  We still have the sequels to watch and I will try to have an open mind but this film unfortunately did not live up to my expectations.

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