Wednesday, 1 February 2017

How can it be February already! January has flown by and all the big challenges are creeping nearer.  I have been focused on my training and am now running increasing miles each week, swimming at least twice a week and have started cycling on the turbo trainer.  I will get out on my bike once the weather improves but for now indoor cycling seems so much more civilised!

We have really enjoyed our film nights and the most recent Tom Hanks film was The Man with One Red Shoe.  This was yet another film that I don’t remember ever hearing of and as the children said, was set in the olden days having been made in 1985!  By getting off a plane wearing one red shoe, Richard Drew (Tom Hanks) an eccentric violinist becomes a person on interest to the FBI who follow him, sabotage his apartment and cause chaos.  The film is an effortless comedy as the lead character has no idea he is being followed.   This is another film that would recommend as a nice easy watch with fantastic 80s fashion and technology!

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