Sunday, 1 January 2017

A year ahead of treats and challenges

2017 - A year of treats and challenges

Welcome to my blog, in April I turn 40 and to mark this milestone I have put my life into the hands of my family who have set me 40 treats and challenges to complete throughout the year. We are an active family who all enjoy an adventure! For many holidays now a quick open water swim seems to occur regularly which I enjoy (if it’s warm enough). Other activities we regularly partake in include long runs, bike rides and walks. This year however I will be pushing myself to the absolute limits as these are involved in some of my challenges. They are not all physical and I should end the year with a range of new skills. The distinction between what is a treat and challenge could be quite subjective and I will let you judge for yourself which category watching 40 Tom Hanks films falls into.

Thank-you for following my blog. I look forward to sharing my adventures with you throughout 2017!

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  1. Good luck hon we can't wait to see what you get up to!