Monday, 2 January 2017

Starting treat/challenge number 20!

I started today preparing for my running challenges by going for a training run with some hill efforts thrown in for fun!  I was then persuaded to go for a second run when Phil came home from work as he wanted some company and Tom joined us for a few miles along Marriotts Way.  We all felt that we deserved a film night so ticked off film number one of the 40 Tom Hanks films that were given to  me as treat/challenge number 20.

The Terminal directed by Steven Spielberg was the first out of the box and I have to admit that a film about a man being stuck in an airport terminal did not appeal and would not have been one I would have chosen to watch.  I was soon drawn into the story of a man who arrives at JFK airport only to find that the government of his country have been overthrown and that he is stuck in limbo unable to return home but also unable to enter America.  He carries a tin of peanuts with him (which I thought were the ashes of somebody!) but instead they hold a promise and are the reason for his journey.  This film is about survival and also highlights how caught up in our own world we become that we don’t see those around us.  I`m pleased to report that this film was a treat!

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