Monday, 24 April 2017

Treat number 15 -A family trip to see Les Miserables

The weekend after my birthday brought my first really big treat which was a weekend in London with a trip to see Les Miserables.  We drove to our hotel in London Docklandby s as soon as the children got home from school on Friday stopping for dinner with my parents on the way down!  We had a lovely large family room and chocolate chip cookies to welcome us.

We started Saturday morning with a visit to the closest parkrun – Southwark, which was full of marathon runners and their families and had a carnival atmosphere.  Eddie paced me round and I managed a pb which was a fantastic start to the weekend and hopefully a sign of things to come.


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We returned to the hotel all hungry for a huge breakfast to keep us going through the day and had just sat down when the fire alarm started ringing and stomachs rumbling we were evacuated to the park opposite the hotel!  Luckily it was a false alarm and before too long we were fed, showered and ready to make our way to the Queen’s Theatre.  Les Miserables is one of my favourite musicals and I was not only really excited to see it in the West End but also wanted Phil and the Children to experience it too to see why I love it so much.  The show didn’t disappoint and we all laughed out loud at the antics of Madame and Monsieur Thenardier and all shed a tear as different characters met their maker.  Les Miserables  took us all on an emotional journey and I don’t have the words to express how much we enjoyed it but I would recommend it to you all!

The weekend concluded with Phil running the London Marathon and Team Whiting supporting him and all the other runners we knew.  Watching the marathon led to mixed emotions as it was a year ago that I ran it and would have loved to have been there pounding the streets with the thousands of other runners.  The excitement of supporting a marathon did give me the boost I needed to focus on my training and I enjoyed my run this morning with an extra spring in my step!

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